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CAMACRAFTS is a non-profit, self-help project which markets handicrafts from the Lao P.D.R. These crafts are handmade by Lao and Hmong village women using traditional patterns and skills.
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Batik is a traditional Hmong design method Batik is a traditional Hmong design method. Traditionally, this technique was used to decorate baby carriers and skirts. Beeswax is applied to a piece of cloth and dyed with a natural indigo dye. The wax is then removed and the design is created where the wax has prevented the dye from penetrating the cloth.

CAMACRAFTS offers a wide variety of Batik products, including: Pencil Cases, Coin Purses, Pillow Covers, Wall-hangings, Hot Pads, Pot Holders and more (Click here to see Batik Products)! All our batik products are dyed with 100% natural dyes and therefore are subject to bleeding. Our batik products should be hand washed individually in cold water to minimize bleeding.

Each batik product is a unique original. No patterns are used. Therefore, the design of each batik product depends upon the artisan who makes it.

CAMACRAFTS is enabling a remote and needy group of Hmong women to continue a traditional Hmong skill and make a living by employing them to make batik. By producing these special crafts, they are earning the money to clothe and school their families and to look after some basic medical needs. When you buy these Batik products, or any other CAMACRAFTS product, you are supporting Hmong families who desperately need your help.

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