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CAMACRAFTS is a non-profit, self-help project which markets handicrafts from the Lao P.D.R. These crafts are handmade by Lao and Hmong village women using traditional patterns and skills.
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CAMACraft Handicraft
Bags & Purses - All Purpose Bags
This zippered bag has an inner and outer pocket with an intricate Hmong design.
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Bags & Purses - Shoulder Bags
This quilted bag has a quilted shoulder strap, a zippered closure and a small zippered outer pocket..
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Bags & Purses - Duffle Bags
This quilted bag has a small side pocket as well as a large interior storage space.
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Bags & Purses - Drawstring Bags
Beautifully decorated, these drawstring bags feature an applique Hmong pattern on the front.
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Bags & Purses - Embroidered Drawstring Bags
These bags have an intricately embroidered pattern on the front and a pull string closure.
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Bags & Purses - Money Purses
These beautifully embroidered purses are finished on threaded sewing machines to ensure their durability.
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Bags & Purses - Coin Purse
Embroidered in various colors and patterns, Coin Purses are slightly smaller in size than the Money Purse.
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Bags & Purses - Pencil Cases
Pencil cases feature embroidered patterns on both sides and are available in a variety of color themes.
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Bags & Purses - Sewing Kits
Shown here unrolled, each embroidered roll up kit includes thread, sewing needles, and fold-up scissors.
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Bags & Purses - Pin Cushions
Pin Cushions are small in size, beautifully decorated, and padded enough to survive the test of time.
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Bags & Purses - Lifescene Money Purses
Featuring Animal, Lao or Hmong lifescene, Money Purses are larger than Coin Purses.
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Bags & Purses - Lifescene Coin Purses
Coin and Money Purses are finished on threaded sewing machines to ensure their durability.
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