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CAMACRAFTS is a non-profit, self-help project which markets handicrafts from the Lao P.D.R. These crafts are handmade by Lao and Hmong village women using traditional patterns and skills.
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CAMACraft Handicraft
Bedroom Items - Twin Size Bedspreads
Bedspreads are designed to cover a standard size bed with the bedspread reaching the floor; Twin size 203 x 274cm.
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Bedroom Items - Double Size Bedspreads
Bedspreads are available in many different color and pattern schemes; Double size 241 x 274cm.
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Bedroom Items - Queen Size Bedspreads
Bedspreads are composed of appliqued squares, stripes and triangles; Queen size 259 x 292cm.
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Bedroom Items - King Size Bedspreads
Elegant and beautiful, these bedspreads will add a great finish to any bed; King size 292 x 305cm
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Bedroom Items - Appliqué Pillow Covers
Pillow covers are 40cm x 40cm, reinforced with a backing cloth and a zipper closure on the backside.
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Bedroom Items - Lifescene Pillow Covers
Lifescene pillow covers feature an animal, Lao or Hmong lifescene picture in various colors.
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Bedroom Items - Embroidered Pillow Covers
These pillow covers are embroidered by hand in various intricate patterns.
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Bedroom Items - Batik Pillow Covers
Batik pillow covers are decorated with traditonal Batik dye patterns.
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Bedroom Items - Maze Pillow Cover
"Maze" style pillow covers feature an intricate design pattern which resembles that of a maze.
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