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CAMACRAFTS is a non-profit, self-help project which markets handicrafts from the Lao P.D.R. These crafts are handmade by Lao and Hmong village women using traditional patterns and skills.
CAMACrafts - Kitchen Items
CAMACraft Handicraft
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CAMACraft Handicraft
Kitchen Items - Oven Mitts
Oven Mitts are well padded with a heavy duty blanket material and feature a Hmong pattern on the front.
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Kitchen Items - Pot Holders
Pot holders are appliqued with a Hmong pattern and are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
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Kitchen Items - Hot Pads
Hot Pads are stuffed with thick, light wieght batting and are decorated with an intricate design.
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Kitchen Items - Hostess Aprons
Perfect for kitchen use, the bib and pockets of these Hostess Aprons sport elaborate designs.
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Kitchen Items - Kitchen Sets
An ideal gift with matching patterns, the Kitchen Set includes Apron, Oven Mitt, Hot Pad and Pot Holder.
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Kitchen Items - Coasters
Available in circle and square shapes, these coasters come in a variety of colors and designs.
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Kitchen Items - Casserole Dish Covers
These covers are ideal for transporting the casserole dish and keeping the dish warm.
View Casserole Dish Covers...
Kitchen Items - Tea Cozy & Toaster Covers
Lined to hold their shape, these covers are sized to fit standard kitchen appliances.
View Tea Cozy & Toaster Covers...
Kitchen Items - Napkins
Napkins have the same matching patterns as placemats and can be used for any occasion.
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Kitchen Items - Placemats
These placemats are ideal for formal occasions or everyday use. Highlighted with an attractive pattern.
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Kitchen Items - Tablecloths
Measuring 115 x 115 cm, these tablecloths are designed to fit a card table or small round table.
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Kitchen Items - Table Runners
Elegant in design and color, these Table Runners add a desirable and beautiful finish to any table.
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Kitchen Items - Batik Kitchen Items
We also have a selection of Kitchen Items that are available in Batik.
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Kitchen Items - Christmas Colors
See also our Kitchen Items that are available in traditional Christmas colors.
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