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CAMACRAFTS is a non-profit, self-help project which markets handicrafts from the Lao P.D.R. These crafts are handmade by Lao and Hmong village women using traditional patterns and skills.
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CAMACraft Handicraft
Lifescenes - Small Lifescene Wallhangings
Lifescenes depict the everyday village life for thousands of Hmong and Lao people.
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Lifescenes - Medium Lifescene Wallhangings
Lifescene artisans stich scenes such as village homes, feeding animals, and harvesting rice.
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Lifescenes - Large Lifescene Wallhangings
Three styles are available - Lao, Hmong and Animal - and each feature a unique scene.
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Lifescenes - Lifescene Pillow Covers
Lifescene pillow covers feature an animal, Lao or Hmong lifescene picture in various colors.
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Lifescenes - Lifescene Coin Purses
Coin and Money Purses are finished on threaded sewing machines to ensure their durability.
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Lifescenes - Lifescene Money Purses
Featuring an Animal, Lao or Hmong Lifescenes, Money Purses are slightly larger than Coin Purses.
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